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Thank you!

Thanks for all the generous help we have received thus far. Without the support of the aviation, historical, and educational communities, this project would be nearly impossible.



Special thanks to:


 The Families of A.C. Read, John Towers, Jim Breese, and Walter Hinton


Don Clarke, El Paso, TX


 The Curtiss Museum, Hammondsport, NY


EAA Chapter 26, Seattle, WA


Don Davis, Kirkland, WA


The EAA Museum; John Gaertner, Past Curator


Dom Finnochio, Seattle, WA


The Florida Aviation Historical Society, Warren Brown


John Fryant, Alexandria, VA


The G&O Manufacturing Company, New Haven, CT - original mfg.'s of engine radiators


Cecil Hendricks, Tukwila, WA


The Herreshoff Museum; the late Carlton Pinhiero, Curator


C.A.E. Johnson, Lancaster, VA


George Millar, LeClaire, IA


Bob Monroig, Woodinville, WA


The Mysterious Stranger from the East


The National Archives


The National Museum of Naval Aviation; Robert Rasmussen,

Director, and Hill Goodspeed, Historian


The National Park Service, Bernie Feuer, Rockaway Beach, NY


Opportunity Skyway of King County, WA; Dave Gering, Past Director


Pete Paoloni, Bayside, NY


Carl A. Petersen, Long Island, NY


Roman Polaski, Enfield, CT


The Rockaway Museum, Steve Yaeger, Rockaway Beach, NY


 Larry and Liz Sheely, Zephyrhills, FL


Jeff Sigsworth, Elyria, OH


Mark Sink, Denver, CO


Cyril Smith, Garden City, NY


 Tom Susor, Seattle, WA


The entire crew of the Vimy Project, for their inspiration, especially Peter and Mark


John Ware, St. Louis, MO


Ted Wilbur, McLean, VA



…and all others I may have missed;



Don and Marilyn, my parents


My sons


And last but not least, Laura, my wife, whose help and support continue to inspire me.



John R. Bayer


Director, The First Across Organization


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