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Seeking Researchers/boosters/organization(s)


that are willing to volunteer time to help in


cataloging the following files related to the


NC-4, at the following locations:



Cornell University

John M Olin Library

Room 101

Ithaca, NY

(607) 255-3530


Curtiss Aircraft.
Papers, etc.; 1890-1978; 15 cu/ft. The bulk is for 1907-45, in chronological order.


(Glenn H) Curtiss

Papers; 1906-76; 0.4 cu/ft. Aviator, inventor, businessman.  

Includes Curtissmotorcycle catalog, photo postcards, a few letters from Curtiss Co, 1906-15, photos of Curtiss and his aircraft at Hammondsport and San Diego. Also several photos of airship Boomerang of Charles O Jones. Publication contract for book by Walter Taylor, 1964, and correspondence between Taylor and Robert F Kennedy, Samuel S Stratton, Charles E Goodell, and high Navy officials concerning proposed naming of aircraft carrier for Curtiss, 1964-67.


Cradle of Aviation Museum

Museum Lane, Mitchel Field

Garden City NY 11530

(516) 222-1190.


Long Island Air and Space Manufacturers.
Papers, photos, motion pictures; ?-?. Includes comprehensive files on Fairchild, Grumman, Republic and Seversky companies. No finding aid.


de Seversky, Alexander Procofieff, 1894-1974.
Papers; ?-?; 25 file drawers. No finding aid.


[Glenn H] Curtiss Museum of Local History

Lake and Main Sts

Hammondsport NY 14840-0326

(607) 569-2160.


Channer, Bert, ?-?.
Papers; 1918-29; 2 boxes. Includes the NC-4 Project.


Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Co.
Blueprints; 1912-15; 2 drawers.


Curtiss Archives.
Manuals, photos, other materials, 1890s-1945; 35 lin/ft. Includes Curtiss-Wright directories (1944-45); Curtiss-Wright and Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Co manuals; and 168 other manuals; sales brochures; several hundred early photos (30 lin/ft) and scrapbooks; several oral histories. Access by appointment only.


Kepperley, James E, ?-?.
Papers; 1916-19; 2 boxes. Curtiss Company vice president.


Merrill, Damon C, ?-?.
Papers; 1907-19; 2 boxes.


Morehouse, Harold E, ?-?.
Papers; ?-?; 4 boxes. Includes original biographical research on an unknown person.


Roseberry, C R, ?-?.
Papers; 1960-72; 3 boxes. Author and Curtiss biographer.


Library of Congress

Manuscript Div 

1st and E Capitol Sts SE

Washington DC 20540

(202) 707-5384.


Richardson, Holden Chester, 1878-1960. MS72-742.

(NC Designer).

             Papers; 1844-1946; 3,600 items.
Navy officer. Correspondence, speeches, articles, a subject file, and miscellaneous material (chiefly 1897-1944) relating primarily to Richardson's activities in aeronautics. On deposit by the Naval Historical Foundation. Finding aid available.


Naval Historical Center

Naval Aviation History Branch

Washington Navy Yard Annex

Bldg 159E, Room 503

Washington DC 20374

(202) 433-4355


Naval Aircraft Documentation.

        Papers and reports; 1911- ; 66 lin/ft and 259 microfilm rolls.
Includes paper documentation of every type of aircraft in the Navy's inventory; aircraft history cards by Bureau Number, giving the assignment, date of acceptance and removal (205 rolls, 1911-87); Unpublished finding aid available.


Naval Aviation Biography Collection.


Biographical papers; 1911- ; 32 lin/ft.
Limited collection includes official biographies, press releases, clippings, etc. No finding aid available.


Naval Aviation Command Histories.


Reports; 1957- ; 286 lin/ft.
The commands submit annual Command History Reports to the Center; the commands include squadrons, carriers, aviation shore stations, carrier air wings and upper echelon aviation commands. No finding aid available.


Naval Aviation Declassified Reference Publications Collection.


Unique collection; 1917- ; 70 lin/ft.
Reports by the Bureau of Aeronautics and the Navy Board of Inspection and Survey on tests conducted on Navy aircraft: Full Flight Reports, 1918-25… (12').
Operational activities, with some technical data: CNO Weekly Aviation Bulletins 1917-22…(12').
Technical improvements and developments in naval aviation from 1918-45, Aircraft Technical Notes, BuAer Technical Notes, BuAer Technical Orders, BuAer Letter Reports (12').
Unpublished finding aid available.


Smithsonian Institution

National Air & Space Museum

National Air & Space Archives

MRC 322

7th St and Independence Ave SW

Washington DC 20560

(202) 357-3133




Fliedner, Carlisle S, ?-?. XXXX-0047.   

Photograph album; 1916-19; 1 unit.
Includes photos of personal experiences and locations in France, 
US NAS in Panillac, Gironde, and the port. There are photos of Curtiss twin flying boats, DeHavillands, other flying boats and the May 1919 transatlantic flight of the USN squadron   




            Collections Relating to the Curtiss NC-4.


In 1917 the USN issued specifications for a flying boat of sufficient range to cross the Atlantic by air to Great Britain, where it would serve as an anti-submarine patrol aircraft.


Curtiss NC-4 Design, Construction, and Testing Reports (c.1918-69) XXXX-0422


2 cu/ft
Reports on the design, construction, and testing of the NC series flying boats. Photographs of NC-4's construction and transatlantic flight.


Curtiss NC-4 (Richard K Smith) (c.1918-69) XXXX-0418


2 cu/ft
Material gathered by Dr Smith of NASM in conjunction with the fiftieth anniversary of the transatlantic flight. Correspondence, published material, maps, and photos relating to NC-4 and the anniversary celebration. Aircraft logs, naval ship logs, weather reports, progress reports, biographies of the participants, information on the 30th and 50th anniversaries, material on the construction of NC-4 and general planning for the flight.


                 Logbooks Collection. XXXX-0120.


Flight logs; 1920s; 6 items.
Includes the flight log of E G Hamilton (1958-0039); the DeHavilland N-1 (1932-0004); NC-4 logbook, A C Read; Cmdr Alger H Dresel; Grover Loening.


U S Naval Institute

Preble Hall

Annapolis MD 2140

(301) 268-6110


Oral Histories. MS70-2029. Interviews; 1960- ; about 150 tapes and transcripts. Interviews with over 30 officers representing all aspects of naval aviation. Catalog of Transcripts published in 1985.


Photographs. Photos; 1900- ; 230,000 items. Includes photos of USN aircraft, space exploration. Partial finding aid.


University of Virginia

Special Collections Dept

Manuscripts Div

Alderman Library

Charlottesville VA 22903-2498

(804) 924­-3025


Westervelt, George Conrad, 1879?-?. 6115. (NC Designer) Papers; 1923-48; about 45 items. USN pilot, pioneer in aviation. Letters from China while with China National Aviation Corp. Unpublished guide available.


University of Wyoming

American Heritage Center

PO Box 3253

Laramie WY 82071

(307) 766-4114


Wright, Theodore Paul, 1895-1970?. 1710. Papers; 1917-65; 4 vols. Lt. USNR Flying Corps (1917-21), chief inspector NC-4 flying boat (1918), member of NACA (1942-53), pres. Cornell Aeronautical Lab. Finding aid.



Always Seeking Other NC-4 Ephemera!